relationship sayings that are so f’n outdated

This is my very first post. I’m just here to journal some of my online thoughts… I write a lot but I never share it so here’s my latest rant.

I think I’m overdoing my opinion honestly according to reading “Outwitting the DEVIL” by Napoleon Hill but here’s my POV… on relationship saying that are so outdated. So here goes something…

these relationships sayings are so f’n outdated and are literally TRASH AF

all men are dogs

all women are heauxs

men fake relationships

women fake orgasms

If you are faking relationships or orgasms then there’s some types of blockage and you weren’t taught or taught yourself how to do better…

( the reason I say taught yourself because sometimes growing up our parents worked with what they had and they didn’t know how to channel their higher-self all they had was one religion that they were taught by their grandmama -nem)

NEWSFLASH nobody owes you shit but YOU!

and if you’re waiting for a savior as my daddy would say it’ll be a COLD DAY IN HELL…

which reminds me you don’t know nobody that been to hell or heaven and came back and told you their results so while you have this life on earth as far as you know it

“why aren’t you setting GOALS to live your BEST mofo life… in this lifetime on this realm of existence!?”

cuz last time I checked ain’t nobody came back from the dead to redo this ish!

so back to what I was saying..

As a group we can all do better…

YEAH… i’m talking to us melanin folks

What blaming the other sex gonna do?

i don’t see other races do it and if they do its amongst themselves..but you know

DRAMA SELLS but if you aren’t getting paid like a scripted tv series or reality shown then why do you do it IRL!?

History is bound to repeat itself if you don’t face yourself and answer the hard questions…


Everything is energy. Everything that comes to you you have attracted in your life in some form or fashion…

My parents weren’t the best to themselves or each other but I don’t sit around and blame them for my mistakes…

ain gonna lie like i didn’t use to

Could they have known what I’ve know now?

How to agree to disagree?

How to disengage an argument and etc…

and no i’m not a perfect princess for most part I try and avoid conflict because I know how my natal chart is set up… do I ever get bout it bout it and have my never scared moments… what of course!? but I do try for the most part to stay calm because I am a MOTHER and I have legacies to leave…

most hotheads are in the grave yard and that ish could have been avoided…

I think most of this generation is addicted to pain and struggle and sorrow honestly… And honestly i guess i cant really understand or relate with my optimistic ass but i just cant see being mad in a relationship all the time… its like complain and remain or praise and be raised and quite honestly I’m quiet a lot observing the masses.

everybody is faking and not showing how they genuinely feel wearing their masks being in auto pilot..

existing not living

…including myself at times…  ( YASSSSS that was a READ!!!!!)

i’m not to believe i check myself at the door before I ever feel the need to check anyone else…


What are we going to do to fix this travesty?

My children will need the best of the best because they’re being taught how to be their best by the BEST and if everybody is faking relationships and orgasms then i don’t know what these next 20 years will be like…


P.S. i’ll add pics gifs and all that other good ish later… but I just had to really get this word out cuz enough is enough or when is enough a enough?

Thanks for reading!


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